A More Balanced Approach……Why?

BALANCE LOGO newOne of Buddhism’s most important lessons is avoiding extremes. Today, in developed societies, we are taught to place too much emphasis on the external world. With all of our scientific discoveries, we have not found an increase in peace and happiness. Actually, we seem to have more external pressures, anxiety and stress. Fear and greed lead to an increasingly violent culture, less freedom of choice, degradation of the environment, risking our existence and thus creating more stress. And the cycle continues. These realities are the symptoms of our imbalanced approach. Our inner development is the missing piece. It is within that the power to transform our thoughts, our hearts, our lives, our communities and our world lies. Balance Reiki & Nutrition’s programs and services are designed to support your inner self, your optimal health, and thereby the health of the planet.

What clients have said about Reiki sessions with Susan Faith:

“I was having difficulty sleeping. I would sleep for four hours max and then be up for three hours before sleeping for one more hour, if I was lucky. After the first Reiki session with Susan, I slept for six hours and after the second session I slept for seven hours. Now I sleep through the night.

Reiki relaxed my mind a lot. My belief systems are shifting and it was keeping me up at night. I feel much more balanced.

Over the next two days, I did energy healing on two friends; one said that her pain went away completely. No one that I’ve ever done healing energy on ever said that. The next day I did some energy healing on a friend who wasn’t able to sell her home. It had been on the market for a long time and she was having mixed feelings about selling it. The day after the session, the home sold. I have never gotten these kinds of reports before and I think it may have been related to the Reiki clearing the energy blocks.”   ~Todd Voitel, Colorado Springs

I have received a lot of energy treatments over the years, but Susan is the first that was able to plaster me to the table in a very long time.  That is truly a strong sign of a Master of healing energy.  Between the surround sound music, soft comfortable table, the peaceful feel of the room, and her soft, yet penetrating healing touch, I had no choice but to surrender to the magical warmth of the experience from the inside out.  As a result, I felt extremely calm, centered, and mentally clear.  Later, I notice a considerable reduction in the level of pain in my hips, knee, and lower back as well as zero tension in my upper back and shoulders.  That first experience has kept me coming back for more.

~Ken Carroll, Colorado Springs, CO

Walking into the space you created for your sacred healing work gave me an insight of what was to come.  The music, the warmth, and your inviting heart said so much, but the next 45 minutes were pure magic. Your Reiki session let me transcend time and space in a way I hadn’t experienced so readily before.  I attained an extreme vividness of colors and ethereal messages that took me by surprise since I am a Reiki II and have been privileged to live amongst angels and extremely high work.  You have a rare gift and a wonderfully open heart that let the healing and alignments happen so naturally.  Your clients are lucky to experience your loving Reiki.  ~ Linda Lucero, Colorado Springs, CO

“It was an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually freeing experience. ” My therapist noticed a difference in my face. Thank you. ~ Susan Coolidge, Miami, FL

Thank you, Susan Noss, for the wonderful Reiki session…it was a fabulous experience….I don’t know if I have ever been so relaxed and calm….a state that was badly needed, I might add! You are blessed with magic, loving, healing hands…..such a beautiful soul…….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~ Jan Reddin, Coconut Creek, FL