About Susan Faith

SONY DSCUsually the client provides lots of information but never really gets to know the practitioner. Things need to be a bit more balanced…

About me…

I unofficially changed my middle name to Faith years after writing a seventh grade English paper about my understanding of what this life is all about and knowing in my heart that Faith was really meant to be my name.  I attended Ramapo College of NJ where I obtained a BS in Psychology, Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ where I took coursework in preparation to become a Registered Dietitian and Columbia University where I earned a double masters degree in Nutrition and Applied Physiology. I then completed a dietetic internship and have been a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist since 1989. I have worked at Montefiore Hospital/Einstein College of Medicine, the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, Berkeley Heartlab, in many risk factor reduction programs and in private practice.

I have shifted my practice to functional nutrition and am currently enrolled in Functional Medicine University. Functional Nutrition reverses dysfunction with food, nutrients, bioactive compounds, mind-body tools and lifestyle modifications. It promotes positive vitality and organ reserve. Organ reserve means that your organs are functioning so well that if an insult occurs you have the reserve to handle it.

I enjoy creating delicious meals, hanging out with family or friends, enjoying the Florida sun, fun and wonders of nature.  I also love making jewelry, playing tennis, cycling, organic gardening and photography. I recently became involved with the Flagler Village Farm in Fort Lauderdale that grows ~ 90,000 pounds of food per year on two small lots! We have been reaching out to local businesses to purchase shares in the farm (Community Supported Agriculture) to donate to local charities. We are also planning to plant farms in addiction treatment centers and mental health centers.

My Inspiration for Becoming a Nutritionist…

I have a special interest in brain health as my dad has dementia and my brother has bi-polar. I originally planned on becoming a psychologist but, at age 22, couldn’t imagine counseling all day. I also was severely hypoglycemic and moody.  When I ate a large meal (or a lot of chocolate), I would fall into a deep sleep.  One evening in particular stands out.  After eating way too much at an Italian restaurant in Hoboken, NJ, we visited a friend who gave me some ice cream, and I literally fell over onto her shoulder into a deep sleep. I noticed, if I could drag myself to a track or tennis court after one of these large meals, I would feel a profound shift in my energy and mood. Additionally, during my psychology fieldwork, I saw how poorly the psychiatric patients were eating and not exercising; how they drank lots of coffee, smoked cigarettes and had ate candy bars and other junk food from the afternoon snack cart. This started me on a path to heal myself and others of these negative effects of food and inactivity.  I was guided into nutrition and exercise and haven’t looked back since.

This path has led to years and years of studying different cultures, traditions and healing modalities and in training from shamans, gurus, doctors and teachers in an effort to share as much positive and powerful information as possible with all who are interested in living their best life possible.  It is in this vein that I have added Reiki to my practice, a powerful, yet gentle healing method that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I love connecting with patients so that they may fully enjoy living and experience optimal health. I love seeing patients’ blood work improve and seeing them achieve their ideal weight. It is rewarding to hear “My blood sugar is better and I am getting off of Metformin.” or, ‘The Reiki sessions have helped me sleep better and deal with the fear I have about my cancer.”

I believe whole-heartedly in the way I practice and am always seeking to improve. I trust my service is (in)valuable and the fees are set fairly. My intention is to help people to live a vibrant and healthy life, to be a guide to help with learning tools for vibrant, vital health and techniques to overcome habits that no longer serve.  I want you to refer and continue to refer clients to me because taking care of the body-mind is the answer for most of today’s health problems. I chose to devote my life to the natural healing arts as I know that the same power that created the universe lies within each of us, and that with the right care, that power to heal and achieve optimal health will be unleashed.

It’s never too late to begin living a balanced life. Call today.

My personal promise to you is that I will work in earnest to find your imbalances, create a wellness plan and continue to re-evaluate.  I will also make the appropriate referral when what I know is not enough to help you. Give our office a call at (561) 285-8690. Sessions can be scheduled at our office or distance (phone, email, Skype, Google Voice) sessions are available for both Reiki and Nutrition. Blood work can be arranged anywhere in the US.
It is said that whenever one of us takes a single step to improve our own immediate environments, we then make the entire planet a more pleasant and peaceful place to be.

I support your proactive approach to your health.

In service,

Susan Faith

Dis-ease can not exist where there is balance.