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Organic Consumers Association
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) The OCA is a grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability.

Californians for GE-Free Agriculture
The Californians for GE-Free Agriculture Coalition is unique in that it brings together farmer-based organizations with consumer and environmental groups to halt the introduction of economically and ecologically destructive genetically engineered (GE) crops. Our mission is to stop new GE crop plantings in California.

Genetic Engineering Action Network
The Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) is a diverse network of grassroots activists, national and community non-governmental organizations (NGOs), farmer and farm advocacy groups, academics and scientists who have come together to work on the myriad of issues surrounding biotechnology.

University of Northern Iowa Local Food Project
The University of Northern Iowa Local Food Project works to Strengthen the local food economy in Iowa by connecting institutional food buyers with nearby farms and processors. And by attempting to fostering a growing relationship among consumers, grocers, meat lockers, restaurant owners, dining service staff, farmers, local government and economic development officials.

Our Love of Children Foundation
As a protector of community life, Our Love of Children Foundation advocates for the present and future well being of children. The organization delivers community based, solution-focused programs on sustainable and healthy living, and encourages all in developing their highest potential for creativity, wisdom, and well-being. is a broadband TV channel devoted to environmental films. It is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme and is dedicated to educating the public on environmental issues that will shape our world in the coming years.
Chicago, IL “Hand Harvested: Our Future in Genetic Engineering” (September 1 – 30). Open to artists in all media relating to subjects such as biotech deception, patenting of life, genetically modified organisms (GMO), fair trade and sustainable organic living. Fee is $15. For more information, call 1-800-252-8221, e-mail or visit the website!

Seeds of Deception

Emotional Freedom Technique

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