Deep Healing at Home

Have you ever imagined what it might feel like to feel totally relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, with your own thoughts? To feel healthy and at peace in every cell of your body?

Have you ever thought that you need balance in your life and would love someone to just come into your home, pamper you and take care of everything?

Susan brings over 25 years of experience and love of holistic methods to you with:

*Personalized healing foods prepared with love and your health concerns in mind, teas, tinctures, soups, medicinal foods, superfoods and juicing

*Nutritional Counseling



*Ionic Body Cleanse

*Daily rituals for clear, balanced energy, balanced thinking and pain elimination ~  bathing, self-massage, lymphatic cleansing, gentle yoga stretching, meditation, healing music

*Whether you are dealing with stress from everyday living and need to just reset, or lose weight or you are facing a major illness this program promotes deep healing on a cellular, energetic level.

Let Susan share her gifts and passion for healing with you with a customized healing package.

Let the healing spa come to you.

$7,000 per week + cost of food/self-care products