Food either supports or depletes our health. Do you agree?

I agree.  Food is the building block of nutrients for cellular function. When we eat dead, processed food vs live, whole foods, our biochemical reactions do not have the optimal nutrients to work properly.  Allergies have skyrocketed since genetically engineered foods hit the market (and no wonder: when you take the genetic material of a plant or animal and inject it into the genetic material of a plant or animal, proteins can mutate and cause anything from allergies to plagues).  We are now at a point where we know that factors such as thoughts, beliefs, how we manage stress, eat, exercise can affect genetic expression-we can turn off ‘bad’ genes with a healthy lifestyle (epigenetics). The over-consumption of food period but hybridized wheat, gluten, sugar and genetically engineered and pesticide-laden foods have wreaked havoc on our physical, mental and emotional health. It starts with our minds and we can decide which habits we will adopt to create and maintain healthy lives for ourselves, our families and clients.

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