Sunwarrior Nutritional Products

 The Legend of Sunwarrior


Thousands of years ago there lived a valiant long lived race of immortals called Sunwarriors. The Sunwarriors, through diligence and faith, conquered all darkness, sickness, disease and poverty through the light and power of an ancient mystery path called Agape.

Through the Spirit, knowledge, and power of Agape, the Sunwarriors were transformed and transcended by pure light energy. The desire of the Sunwarriors were to elevate the spirit, mind, and body of all living things on this planet and to gain ascension to a higher sphere of existence. Many adhered to their influence and transcended this mortal plane to a higher sphere of being.

But then ominous times were ushered in by a ruthless regime of unenlightened beings who spread false propaganda misinformation to the world. This program turned the planet against the Sunwarriors and a dark time was ushered in with much suffering, sickness, disease, poverty and hopelessness. The Sunwarriors saddened, left the planet and were forgotten and remembered no more. But a promise was made that they would return when the planet was near the edge of destruction.

So the Gods in their mercy are sending the Sunwarriors back to this planet to finish the job they started millennia ago. But many of the Sunwarriors, coming to this earth, have lost their way and forgotten who they are and what their mission is on this planet.

So the Gods set a beacon of light to gather the lost Sunwarriors and guide them back to the knowledge of the ancient way, the way of Agape. Now the time of darkness and ignorance and sickness, and disease is coming to a close and the Sun arriors are gathering, armed with the pure light of truth and the spirit and power of Agape to re-introduce the Sunwarrior Way and path to transcendence and ascension.

Enter the Time of the Sunwarrior..


Our Mission


Sunwarriors are transformational catalysts accelerating the planet to a new level of ultra health, super intelligence, super abundance, quickened immortality and super longevity.

Sunwarriors empower humanity through knowledge, example, teaching and guidance, experience and wisdom resulting in more happiness, more joy, more contentment and more peace and super abundance for all creation.

Sunwarriors recognize a God or a higher power that guides us in our unique purpose and mission in fulfilling our role in creating a higher evolution of humanity on this planet.

Sunwarriors reduce pollution, pesticides and damage to the earth by producing products that are environmentally friendly.

Sunwarrior is the leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of super longevity products, superfoods, supplements, and proteins on the planet.

Our marketing strategy is value added and holistic. By using videos, music, sound and words in impactful presentations we elevate and uplift humanity.