5 Foods You Should Never Eat?

Food design, vector illustrationSoy milk, artificial sweeteners, orange juice, margarine and whole wheat bread:

These foods are advertised as ‘healthy’ alternatives to help with weight loss- But as the ‘Never Eat These 5 Foods’ program states, these foods are filled with artificial, chemical-laden ingredients that cause the body to hold onto fat. This has its benefits -prevents the major organs from exposure but also inhibits fat loss.

Artificial sweeteners-Some artificial sweeteners have been linked with neurotoxicity and cancer. Better to stay away from chemicals and use stevia or raw, organic honey or organic maple syrup sparingly.

Soy milk-over-processed, GMO if not organic, Often there are stabilizers and other additives. Many people have soy allergies that are exacerbated with the effects of GMO’s on the gut. Better to make your own almond milk or buy non-GMO almond or hemp milk.

GMO’s are a lab experiment gone awry-an inexact method of placing the genetic material of one species, usually animal-based, inside the genetic material of another species usually a plant, such as a fish gene in a tomato to prevent freezing, with a bacterial marker. These unstable proteins can mutate causing allergies, cancer, increased permeability of the intestinal lining and potentially other serious  problems such as viruses.

Margarine-often has GMO’s, hydrogenated oils (although they are being phased out), and lots of chemical additives, which again, the body has a hard time metabolizing . Organic butter has gotten a bad rap. Each cell of our body needs oils. The myelin sheath, the insulating envelope that surrounds the nerve fiber contains oil. Studies show that saturated fats cause harm when combined with a high sugar diet. Better choices for fats are organic coconut oil, organic, low temperature processed olive oil and organic butter.

Whole wheat breadbromated flour competes with iodine on cell’s receptor sites and can contribute to thyroid disease. This has deleterious effects on the body’s endocrine system. Many ‘natural’ whole wheat breads are not natural since there are no standards for ‘natural.’ There are dough softeners, added fiber such as inulin (from chicory) which the body can only handle in small amounts but could be too high in some foods i.e. Vita Moist Muffin Tops. Better to eat unprocessed grains like quinoa, millet, brown jasmine rice and gluten-free oats.

Orange juice is high in fructose that is associated with tumor promotion and in hyperinsulinemia (high blood insulin) which causes AGE’s that age the body. OJ adds lots of extra calories. Better to get your fruit from fresh, unpasteurized whole, organic fruit and eat higher percentage of vegetables than fruit to reduce intake of fructose. Frozen, organic blueberries are a great choice for smoothies.

AGE’s stand for Advanced Glycation End products and are proteins or lipids that become glycated after exposure to sugars. AGEs are prevalent in the diabetic vasculature and contribute to the development of atherosclerosis  http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/114/6/597.long.

Even organic foods that have been processed such as cereals are allowed to have a percentage of non-organic ingredients.

So, what’s to eat? The bottom line in general: Eat natural food. Unadulterated, non-GMO, pure food. Just the real deal.

As Michael Pollan says, ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.’

Thanks Fred. You motivated me to turn your question into a blog post.

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Food design, vector illustration